Our favorite reads in Fall 2022

HML’s library staff share their favorite book read recently.

Britttany - Library Director - Comfort Me With Apples, by Catherynne M. Valente

book coverWeird and fascinating. Not at all what I was expecting, but a short delicious read.







Kate - Children's Librarian - The Listeners, by Leni Zumas

book coverA quirky and dark read about a woman whose past keeps coming back to haunt her. Keeping the darkness at bay is a commitment, but Quinn is a creative survivor.







Lindsey - Adult & Tech Services - Black Sun, by Rebecca Roanhorse

book cover

An exciting fantasy story in pre-Columbian setting. Magical politics gets personal when a reborn god chasing his destiny crosses paths with another outcast made a target by her strange magic. As their ship draws closer to the holy city of Tova, a solar eclipse creeps closer, threatening to unbalance the world.






Janel - Library Assistant/Outreach - How to be Ace: A Memoir of Growing Up Asexual, by Rebecca Burgess

book cover

When you're a kid, culture assures you that sexual attraction is something that everyone feels- but that's simply not the case. This lovely graphic novel follows the author's journey of self-discovery and deftly navigates information about the often misunderstood asexual spectrum. I loved it to bits





Rebekah - Circulation Clerk - The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna, by Juliet Grames

book coverThis book hands down kept me glued. A book of one Italian woman’s secrets, carried from a small Calabrese village to Hartford, Connecticut. A family saga of emigration, war, and trauma. Hard to put down! 







Lizzy - Library Page - Ten Days in a Madhouse, by Nellie Bly

book cover

Reporter Nellie Bly gets herself committed to an asylum to write a story and discovers it's not what it seems. It's crazy how at the time her experience was normal for patients. This graphic novel version is based on her original story written after she discovered how difficult it was for patients to ever be released from the asylum.