Introducing Binge Boxes: easy to grab collections of 4 movies with a curated theme. We currently have ten bundles available, located to the left of the catalog computer. With themes like 'Quotable Comedies' (Step Brothers, Couples Retreat, Bridesmaids, and Accepted) or 'Mystery Machine' (Knives Out, Murder on the Orient Express, Se7en, and Game Night), it's a rainy weekend in a box - literally. Check out the list of currently available boxes and titles below, including a simple key to pick the right Binge Box for your household: FF stands for Family Friendly, and CW stands for Content Warning for at least one film.

Cozy Anime - FF
Kiki’s Delivery Service
Your Name
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Not-Disney Movies - FF 
The Swan Princess 
All Dogs go to Heaven 
Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest

Snuggly Holiday Favorites - FF
The Santa Clause
Home Alone
Love Actually

The Governator Collection 
Last Action Hero
Kindergarten Cop
Total Recall
The Running Man

A Piece of the Action 
The Man from UNCLE
Atomic Blonde
The Accountant
Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Mystery Machine - CW
Knives Out
Murder on the Orient Express
Game Night

Classic Film Legends
A Streetcar Named Desire
Gone With the Wind
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Citizen Kane

Too Many Feels
Crazy Rich Asians
The Fault in our Stars
If I Stay
My Sister’s Keeper

Quotable Comedies 
Couples Retreat
Step Brothers

We Couldn’t Get a Babysitter for Date Night - FF
Alice in Wonderland (2010 Depp)
Big Fish
Goodbye Christopher Robin