Snake’s big mistake (E) by Sarah Kurpiel

How to help a cupid (E) by Sue Fliess 

Harmony & Echo : the mermaid ballet (E) by Brigette Barrager

I love my magic (E) by Kelly Leigh Miller

Dodos are not extinct! They’re just in disguise (E) by Paddy Donnelly

Hands-on science : Matter (E) by Lola M. Schaefer

It’s fall! (E) by Renee Kurilla 

I am a witch’s cat (E) by Harriet Muncaster

The story of Harvey Milk and the rainbow flag (E) by Rob Sanders

We are a song (E) by Lorian Tu

La Guitarrista (E) by Lucky Diaz

Just wild enough : Mireya Mayor, primatologist (E P&P) by Marta Magellan

Have you ever seen a flower? (E) by Shawn Harris

I cannot draw a horse (E) by Charise Mericle Harper

A stick and a stone (E) by Sarina Dickson

Katya’s book of mushrooms : fungi, fauna, facts & folklore (MID) by Katya Arnold

No such thing (E) by Ella Bailey

Pig the rebel (E) by Aaron Blabey

Stickler loves the world (E) by Lane Smith

A kids book about imagination (PSPB) by Levar Burton

The frozen sea (J) by Maddy Mara

Victory. Stand! Raising my fist for justice (MIDGN) by Tommie Smith

The Ojja wojja : a horror mystery, or whatever (MIDGN) by Magdalene Visaggio

Exploring Chinese mythology (MID) by Don Nardo

Night of the ninjas (JGN) by Mary Pope Osborne

Sorceline book 2 (JGN) by Paola Antista

The magic tapestry (JGN) by Ailynn Collins

Unicorn vs. goblins (JGN)  by Dana Simpson

Freewater (MID) by Amina Luqman-Dawson

The human Kaboom (J) by Adam Rubin

Second chance summer (J) by Sarah Kapit

Mixed up (J) by Gordon Korman

Dust (MID) by Dusti Bowling

Super mario galaxy (WiiGameSup)

Creature (E) by Andrea Ballance & Grasya Oliyko

Arthur and the golden rope(J) by Joe Todd Stanton

A kid’s guide to tabletop RPG’s : exploring dice, game systems, roleplaying, and more  (J) by Gabriel Hicks

The adventures of oohkah chewkah : the world’s most perfect puckery pickle superhero!  (E) By Scott and Bonnie ives

The bad guys in let the games begin! (JGN) by Aaron Blabey

A wrinkle in time (MID)by Madeleine L’Engle

First night of howlergarten (E) by Benson Shum 

Doris (E) by Sarah Jacoby

One upside-downy day (E)by Renee Kurilla

Plants to the rescue : the plants, trees, and fungi that are solving some of the world's biggest problems (J) by Dr. Vikram Baliga

Diary of a wimpy kid : cabin fever (JGN) by Jeff Kinney

Diary of a wimpy kid : hard luck (JGN) by Jeff Kinney

Diary of a wimpy kid : dog days (JGN) by Jeff Kinney

Diary of a wimpy kid : the ugly truth (JGN) by Jeff Kinney

Eerie tales from the school of screams (JGN) by Graham Annable
Brawl of the Wild (JGN) by Dav Pilkey

Hurricane Child (J) by Kacen Callender

The book of outdoor games (J) by Emily Philpott

Pretend play workshop for kids (EP) by Caitlin Kruse & Mandy Roberson 

I want to be spaghetti! By Kiera Wright-Ruiz illustrator Claudia Lam

The red jacket (E) by Bob Holt

Hidden Gem (E) by Linda Liu

Dog man grime and punishment (J) by Dav Pilkey

Dog man and cat kid (J)by Dav Pilkey

Best friends for never (J) by Colleen AF Venable and Stephanie Yue

The guardian test (J)by Christina Soontornvat

Pokemon scarlet and Pokemon violet handbook : stats and facts on 400 Pokemon in the Paldea region! (J)

The adventure friends treasure map (J) by Brandon Todd / Art by Gloria Felix

Unicorn academy: Isabel and Cloud (J) by Julie Sykes / Illustrated by Lucy Truman

Pets rule : Kittens are monsters! (J) by Susan Tan / Illustrated by Wendy Tan Shiau Wei

Pets rule : the poodle of doom (J) by Susan Tan / Illustrated by Wendy Tan Shiau Wei

Pets rule : my kingdom of darkness (J) by Susan Tan/ Illustrated by Wendy Tan Shiau Wei

Scarlett and Blaze (J) by Julie Sykes/illustrated by Lucy Truman

Dragon Games the thunder egg (J) by Maddy Mara 

No Snowball (E) by Isabella King

Hedgehog’s home for summer (E) by Elena Ulyeva

Kitchen Science : 30 awesome stem experiments to try at home (J) by Laura Minter & Tia Williams

The duck never blinks (E)by Alex Latimer

A kids book about anxiety (PS)by Ross Szabo

My maddy (E)by Gayle E. Pitman  

Ways to grow love (J) by Renee Watson

Garvey in the dark (mid) by Nikki Grimes

Four eyes (MIDGN) by Rex Ogle & Dave Valeza

Parachute kids (JGN) by Betty C Tang

We were the fire : Birmingham 1963 (J) by Sheila P. Moses

Into the game (J) by FGTeev

Joy to the world (J) by Kai Shappley and Lisa Bunker

Snug Harbor Stories (J) by Will Henry 

Bluey and Bingo’s fancy restaurant cookbook (J) by 

Disney villains cookbook  (J) by Joy Howard

Vacation under the volcano (J) by Mary Pope Osborne

Polar bears past bedtime  (J)by Mary Pope Osborne