The Dragon Prince Book One: Moon by Aaron Ehasz and Melanie McGanney Ehasz (J)

The Dragon Prince Book Two: Sky by Aaron Ehasz and Melanie McGanney Ehasz (J)

Dino Mighty! The Heist Age by Doug Paleo (J) (GN)

The Bad Guys #5: in Intergalactic Gas by Aaron Blabey (J)(GN)

The Bad Guys #6: in Alien Vs. Bad Guys by Aaron Blabey (J)(GN)

Three Keys by Kelly Yang (J)

Diary of the Wimpy Kid: The Meltdown by Jeff Kinney (J)

I Love Being Me, by Mechal Renee Roe (E)

Happy Hair, by Mechal Renee Roe (E)

Cool Cuts, by Mechal Renee Roe (E)

Bounce back by Rocks!, Misako (MID)

Glitter gets everywhere by Yvette Clark (J)

It all begins with jelly beans by Nova Weetman (J)

Billy Miller makes a wish by Kevin Henkes (J)

Harry versus the first 100 days of school by Emily Jenkins (J)

Erik vs. everything by Christina Uss (J)

Riley’s Ghost by John David Anderson (J)

Stowaway by John David Anderson (J)

History Comics: The American Bison, the Buffalo’s Survival Tale by Andy Hirsch (MID)(GN)

Ty’s Travels: Lab Magic by Kelly Starling Lyons (ER)

Raya and the Last Dragon: Teaching Tuk Tuk by Mei Nakamura (ER)

Barbie: Hair is Amazing by Mei Nakamura (ER)

Lego City: Birthday Helpers! By Steve Foxe (ER)

Disney Princess Palace Pets: Belle’s Playful Puppy by Amy Skye Koster (ER)

Uni the Unicorn: Uni and the Butterfly by Amy Krouse Rosenthal (ER)

Minecraft: Escape from the Nether! By Nick Eliopulos (ER)

Pete the Kitty: Wash Your Hands by Kimberly and James Dean (ER)

Vivi Loves Science: Sink or Float by Kimberly Derting (ER)

I Hop by Joe Cepeda (ER)

Where Did We Come From? By Chris Ferrie (E)(NF)

A Queen to the Rescue: the Story of Henrietta Szold by Nancy Churnin (E)(NF)

You Are Revolutionary by Cindy Wang Brandt (E)

Puberty is Gross but Also Really Awesome by Gina Loveless (MID)(NF)

What Were You Thinking? A Story About Learning to Control Your Impulses by Brian Smith (PS)(NF)

Recycle and Play: Awesome DIY Zero-Waste Projects to Make for Kids by Agnes Hsu (PS)(NF)

Our Skin: A First Conversation About Race by Megan Madison, Jessica Ralli, Isabel Roxas (PS)(NF)

Fox & Rabbit Make Believe by Beth Ferry (J) (GN)

Who Sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott? Rosa Parks by Insha Fitzpatrick (J) (GN)

Who Was the First Man on the Moon? Neil Armstrong by Nathan Page (J) (GN)

Marshmallow & Jordan by Alina Chau (J) (GN)

Cat Kid Comic Club: On Purpose by Dav Pilkey (J) (GN)

Big Apple Diaries by Alyssa Bermudez (J) (GN)

The Legend of Brightblade by Ethan M. Aldridge (J) (GN)

The Aquanaut by Dan Santat (J) (GN)

What the Hex?! By Sophie Escabasse (J) (GN)

Quint and Dirk’s Hero Quest by Max Brallier (J)

Late Lunch With llamas by Mary Pope Osborne (J)

Amari and the Night Brothers by B.B. Alston (J)

Ancestor Approved: Intertribal Stories for Kids by Cynthia Leitich Smith (J) 

Digging Up Sea Creature Fossils by Charlotte Taylor (J) (NF)

Digging Up Human Fossils by Charlotte Taylor (J) (NF)

Hansel and Gretel: 4 Beloved Tales by Cari Meister (J) (NF)

Rapunzel: 3 Beloved Tales by Cari Meister (J) (NF)

All Star Sports Trivia: Fun Facts You Need to Know! By James Buckley (J) (NF)

Kwanzaa by Artika R. Tyner (J) (NF)

For Which We Stand: How Our Government Works and Why It Matters by Jeff Foster (J) (NF)

Big Book of Amazing Lego Creations With Bricks You Already Have by Sarah Dees (J) (NF)

Volunteering by Kirsten Chang (J) (NF)

Volunteering by Brienna Rossiter (J) (NF)

The Seven Days of Kwanzaa, How to Celebrate Them by Angela Shelf Medearis (J) (NF)

Who Did it First? 50 Politicians, Activists, and Entrepreneurs Who Revolutionized the World by Jay Leslie (J) (NF)

2022 Book of World Records by Cynthia O’ Brien (J) (NF)

Can We Help? Kids Volunteering to Help Their Communities by George Ancona (J) (NF)

Dictionary for a Better World: Poems, Quotes, and Anecdotes from A to Z by Irene Latham (J) (NF)

A Spring Treasury of Recipes, Crafts, and Wisdom by Angela Ferraro-Fanning (J) (NF)

Honeybees by Deborah Heiligman (J) (NF)

How to Build Lego Houses: Go On a Journey to Become a Better Builder by Hannah Dolan (J) (NF)

How to Build Lego Cars: Go On a Journey to Become a Better Builder by Hannah Dolan (J) (NF)

Living Ghosts and Mischievous Monsters: Chilling American Indian Stories by Dan C. Jones (J) (NF)

Snow Leopards and Other Wild Cats by Mary Pope Osborne (J) (NF)

The Junior Witched Handbook: A Kid’s Guide to White Magic, Spells, and Rituals by Nikki Van de Car (J) (NF)

Unlikely Friends by Norm Feuti (J)

Have a Heart, Geronimo by Geronimo Stilton (J)

A Place to Hang the Moon by Kate Albus (J)

Operation Do-Over by Gordon Korman (J)

Tiger Honor by Yoon Ha Lee (J)

Whatever After: Good as Gold by Sarah Mlynowski (J)

I Color Myself Different by Colin Kaepernick (E) (NF)

How to Write a Story by Kate Messner (E)

This Book Will Get You to Sleep! by Jory John (E)

What Riley Wore by Elana K. Arnold (E)

Let’s Do Everything and Nothing by Julia Kuo (E)

Maiden & Princess by Daniel Haack & Isabel Galupo (E)

The Tree in Me by Corinna Luyken (E)

Red by Laura Vaccaro Seeger (E)

I Love You Because I Love You by Muon Thi Van (E)

Toasty by Sara Hwang (E)

No Nibbling! by Beth Ferry (E)

Pink Is For Boys by Robb Pearlmann (E)

Hello Rain! By Kyo Maclear (E)

Keeping the City Going by Brian Floca (E)

Santa Baby by Jonathan Stutzman (E)

Miguel’s Community Garden by JaNay Brown-Wood (E)

Mama and Mommy and Me in the Middle by Nina LaCour (E)

Treasury of Egyptian Mythology by Donna Jo Napoli (J) (NF)

Tales from the Arabian Nights by Donna Jo Napoli (J) (NF)

Treasury of Norse Mythology by Donna Jo Napoli (J) (NF)

Planting a Garden in Room 6 by Caroline Arnold (J)

The Shark Book by Steve Jenkins (J)

Rainbow: A First Book of Pride by Michael Genhart (E)

Playing at the Border: A Story of Yo-Yo Ma by Joanna Ho (E) 

The Tide Pool Waits by Candace Fleming (E)

Every Little Kindness by Marta Bartolj (E)

The Floating Field: How a Group of Thai Boys Built Their Own Soccer Field by Scott Riley (E)

Anglerfish:The Seadevil of the Deep by Elaine M. Alexander (E)

The Junior Astrologer’s Handbook: A Kid’s Guide to Astrological Signs, the Zodiac, and More by Nikki Van De Car (J)

A Smart Girl’s Guide: Race & Inclusion: Standing Up to Racism and Building a Better World by Deanna Singh (J)

A Tale as Tall as Jacob: Misadventures with My Brother by Samantha Edwards (J)

Amethyst, Princess of Germworld by Shannon Hale (J)

Storm on Snowbelle Mountain by Rebecca Elliott (J) 

Mega Bat by Anna Humphrey (J)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Deserted Island Vol 1 by Kokonasu Rumba (J)

Can I Have a Turn? By Norm Feuti (J)

Ice Dragon by Jordan Quinn (J)

Girl Giant and the Monkey King by Van Hoang (J)

The Flower of the Witch by Enrico Orlandi (J)

Sue & Tai-Chan: Vol 1 by Konami Kanata (J)

Sue & Tai-Chan: Vol 2 by Konami Kanata (J)

Life in the Balance by Jen Petro-Roy (J)

Dream Big! By Greg Pizzoli (J)

Wannabees by Brian “Smitty” Smith (J)

Just Roll With It by Lee Durfey-Lavoie (MID)

Escape at 10,000 Feet: D.B. Cooper and the Missing Money by Tom Sullivan (MID)

Jailbreak at Alcatraz: Frank Morris & the Anglin Brothers' Great Escape by Tom Sullivan (MID)

Absolutely Normal Chaos by Sharon Creech (MID)

Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye by Ann M. Martin (MID)

Anne of West Philly: A Modern Graphic Retelling of Anne of Green Gables by Ivy Noelle Weir (MID)

All My Friends by Hope Larson (MID)

The Keeper by Guadalupe García McCall (J)

Anybody Here Seen Frenchie? By Leslie Connor (J)

A Bird Will Soar by Allison Green Myers (J)

The Witch, the Sword, and the Cursed Knights by Alexandria Rogers (J)

World War II by Simon Adams (J)

Hurricane & Tornado by Jack Challoner (J)

Ocean by Miranda MacQuitty (J)

Ancient Egypt by George Hart (J)

How to Be a Genius: Your Brilliant Brain and How to Train It by John Woodward (J)

Physics for Kids: Science Experiments and Activities Inspired by Awesome Physicists, Past and Present by Liz Lee Heinecke (J)

Spy School: The Graphic Novel by Stuart Gibbs (J)

No One Returns from the Enchanted Forest by Robin Robinson (J)

Minecraft by Sfe R. Monster (J)

Game On! 2021: The Ultimate Guide to Gaming! By Stuart Andrews (J)

Stuck Together by Brian “Smitty” Smith (J)

Best Friends for Never by Colleen AF Venable (J)

Stoop Sale Treasure by Corey Ann Haydu (J)

Mr. Wolf’s Class by Aron Nels Steinke (J)

The Wheel of Fortune by Benjamin Dickson (J)

The Ogress and the Orphans by Kelly Barnhill (MID)

Horse Trouble by Kristin Varner (MID)

The Girl and the Ghost by Hanna Alkaf (MID)

The Legend of Auntie Po by Shing Yin Khor (MID)

The Dragon Path by Ethan Young (MID)

The Girl from Déjà Vu by Frank Thilliez (MID)

Pests and Pets by Andy Warner (MID)

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan (MID) 

Winter Sleep: A Hibernation Story by Sean Taylor & Alex Morss (E)

Many Shapes of Clay by Kenesha Sneed (E)

Olivia Wrapped in Vines by Maude Nepveu-Villeneuve (E)

Tales of Ancient Worlds by Stefan Milosavljevich (E)