picture of two chess pieces, one knocked over. text reads 'chess club.'

Attention, chess enthusiasts (young and old)! Step off the sidelines and into the exciting world of chess at our friendly library group! Every Monday afternoon join us for a welcoming space to learn, play, and grow your passion for this timeless game.

Whether you're a seasoned grandmaster or a curious newcomer, our group caters to every skill level. Enjoy friendly matches with fellow players, participate in engaging group lessons, or even test your strategies in thrilling tournaments (if you're feeling competitive!). No prior experience is required – just bring your sharp mind and a love for puzzles!

So ditch the boredom and discover the magic of chess! We offer a stimulating environment to hone your tactics, refine your moves, and forge new connections with fellow chess lovers. Don't wait – it's time to make your next move at the library's chess group!

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All Ages
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