18 Park Street, Northfield, NH 03276 ✦ www.hallmemoriallibrary.org ✦ (603) 286-8971 

Trustees: Kathi Mitchell, Tilton, Chair, lifetime appointee 
Nancy Court, Northfield, lifetime appointee 
Morris Boudreau, Northfield, lifetime appointee 
Carol Carignan, Tilton, elected 
Tom Fulweiler, Northfield, elected 
Stephanie Giovannucci - Treasurer 

Staff: Brittany Shanahan, Library Director & Teen Services
Lindsey Neilson, Adult & Tech Services
Steve Bouffard, Children’s Services
Janel Flangan, Rebekah Mallory, Nancyann Smart, Circulation Clerks
Elizabeth Boucher, Hannah Turcotte, Library Pages
Mike Murphy, Maintenance
Nicole Schulze, Library Director (Jan.-July)
  Josianne Fitzgerald, Adult Services & Publicity Librarian (Jan.-May) 
Kate Boucher, Children's Services (Jul.-Oct.)

2022 Annual Report 

The past year we saw a lot of changes at the library. In a post-shutdown world, things look very different. Many folks got used to staying home and some are still wary of the outside world. Many of you have stayed with us through this challenging time and we are so grateful for each and every person in this community. We are back to full open hours at the library and have a great many new things to see and do when you walk through the doors, or visit our brand new website. 

We still offer curbside, for ease of use to our patrons, but heartily encourage all who can to step inside and stay awhile. We have lots of cozy seating options and plenty of activities for children and adults. We have embraced the change and are so thrilled with the results and hope you all are too. 

We have been working diligently to apply for grants that help us extend our services to all of you and our most recent NHYEP (New Hampshire Youth Empowerment Program) grant has allowed us to purchase many materials for a STEAM club, cooking classes for teens, iPads to teach digital art classes and more. We have also welcomed Jen Adams back to continue with a Wellness club for kids K-5 to learn healthy habits and try new foods and a new Leadership club for teens co-run with Dawn Shimberg from Youth Assistance Program to empower teens to self-advocate and be leaders within their community. 

If it’s been a while since you visited the library, it may be time to stop in and see what we are up to. Libraries are growing and adapting to continue to be the hub of the community and we’d love to see you come be a part of it. 


1,500+: The number of library cardholders who live in Tilton. (This number does not include the hundreds of children under 5 years old who do not yet qualify for a library card but are heavy library users).
● 280: The combined number of virtual, outdoor, and in-person programs the Hall Memorial Library hosted in 2022 

● 2,535: The number of people who attended (virtually or in-person) programs hosted by Hall Memorial Library in 2022 

●29,521: The number of physical books/DVDs/other materials that were checked out from Hall Memorial Library in 2022 

●6,966: The number of eBooks, eAudiobooks, and eMagazines checked out via Hall Memorial Library’s digital platforms in 2022 

● 13,668: The estimated number of time people visited the library in 2022 

● 823: The number of free, non-circulating books that we helped to put into the hands of the youth of Northfield and Tilton through our partnership with the Raven Gael Blaisdell Foundation. 

● 2,333: The number of books, DVDs, and other materials added to the library’s physical collection via a combination of purchases and donations.