Leif Martinson, Northfield, Chair, lifetime appointee
Eliza Conde, Northfield, Treasurer, lifetime appointee Nell Grant, Tilton, lifetime appointee
Christine D’Amore, Tilton, elected through 2010
Tom Fulweiler, Northfield, Secretary, elected through 2010

Mary Ahlgren, Director
Kelly Finemore, Children's Services
Brittany Moore, Young Adult services, circulation clerk
Coral Theberge, Library Assistant, tech services
Maggie McCall, Library Assistant, programming and publicity
Beth Crandall, Rachel Sibulkin, Kelsea Morrison, Julia Kehr, Pages

Volunteers: Nell Grant, Bonnie Randall, Mo, Eric and Renee Boudreau, Marge Rudolph, Ginny Timmons, Susan Nadeau, Beverly Green, Cheryl Geiger, Josie Nichols, Don MacDonald, David Bienvenu, Donald Rodriguez, Jeff Tracy, Ralph Nash, Tyrone Hutchins, Tom and Thomas Fulweiler, Dennis Lynch, and groups of students and faculty from both Tilton School and Spaulding Youth Center. Volunteers take care of our inside and outside plants, recycling, and homebound delivery among many other things. They contributed more than 623 hours to the library and we thank them all for their time and energy.

Gifts were given to the library by John and Claire Tremblay, Lucinda Hope, Jeff Milroy, James Watkins, Juanita George, and friends and family of Judy Gazza. In addition many people in the two towns gave us materials to either add to our collection or sell in our on-going book sale. We appreciate the many generous acts of which we are the beneficiary.

The library produced 462 programs this year, ranging from weekly story times, to book talks at schools in the district. At least 4,172 people of all ages participated in one or more of these. We have experienced knitters who teach beginners to knit. We're now up to four monthly book discussion groups. There are literacy programs for adults. People play Scrabble and chess here on a weekly or monthly basis. It seems like there is always a library event happening within or beyond these doors.

Downloadable audio books offer the newest popular titles and old favorites for you to listen to on your MP3 and now on your IPod, and the state library is working on providing a similar service for ereaders. The state library also makes it possible to access periodical and other databases online with your library card. Print periodicals are available to read here or, if not the current issue of a magazine, at home. We order new books, DVD's, and books on CD on a regular basis. Our yearly circulation is again over 66,000.

The building has had some work done on it this year. We have high hopes that this winter will prove leak free, and that our chimney is in good shape for a few more years.
The number of people through our doors on a regular basis continues to increase. We would like nothing more than to see you join, use, and enjoy the library in 2010.